Hello! I'm Mkalyss and this is (quite obviously) my blog. Feel free to follow if you're a fan of Red Vs. Blue, The Walking Dead, Assassins Creed, Halo, Dead Space, Mad T Party, Sherlock, Godzilla, Marble Hornets, Bizenghast (which I don't blog about often but I totally could) or anything else really XD I am a VERY multi fandom blog, so expect a bit of random gifsets from some other shows/movies etc. from time to time. I also do weekly gif reactions of red vs blue episodes and walking dead episodes. My askbox is always open if you wanna chat, I love hearing from my followers so please don't be shy! Also just as a heads up, this blog is very critical of Social Justice Warriors here on Tumblr and I will express my opinion on such topics from time to time. I'm all for equality though, don't get me wrong, I just believe that the desire for such should be expressed in a less aggressive manner, and that such equality should be extended to everyone. Enjoy your stay!

I don't really have anything to put here, but if I did, I would put it here! :D